Email Modules

Scot's Mailing List - $149.95

Transform Your Website Into a Powerful Email Marketing System with Scot's Mailing List. Completely customizable and manage email marketing campaigns from your own website. Scot's Mailing List is feature packed, easy to use, and includes a powerful formmail utility.

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Unlimited Forms for Miva Merchant 5

This module allows you to create generic "form mail" forms on any page within Miva Merchant 5. For outbound SPAM protection, only those email addresses listed in the recipients list can receive email from your forms. To create a new email form, set up a standard FORM element area on any page in Miva Merchant 5, create input boxes to collect information from your customer, and create the required hidden elements to cause the contents of the form to be emailed to the intended recipient.

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Order Reminders

Send your customers reminders when it's time to re-order! They can click a link from the email to return with the basket ready for checkout!

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