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Copernicus has been known for high quality modules, documentation and support since 2001. With over 3000 licenses sold you can rest assured the Copernicus system does exactly what it says it will do!

  • Get EVERY Copernicus Module for your Miva Merchant 5 store for one low monthly fee
  • FREE UPDATES to your Copernicus Modules for the life of the subscription
  • FREE Support Included*
  • Subscription entitles you to access to all Copernicus Modules including:
    • Shipping SuperMod v5
    • Payment SuperMod v5
    • Address SuperMod v5
    • Membership SuperMod v5
    • Checkout SuperMod v5
    • Customer Credit v5
  • Over $725 worth of software!

Address SuperMod v5

The Address SuperMod V5 allows customers to store multiple shipping addresses with their customer account in your Miva Merchant store. Customers can select a single shipping and billing address from their list of stored addresses during checkout.

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CheckOut SuperMod v5

The CheckOut SuperMod v5 allows your customers to determine the shipping method for each individual item in a single order and then the appropriate shipping and tax calculations are made to determine the total shipping amount for the entire order. Items in an order that are using the same shipping method are grouped to properly calculate the shipping price for the group of items. Now your customers can check out of your store with multiple shipping methods or shipping addresses* in the same order and the shipping is calculated properly.

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Membership SuperMod v5

The Membership SuperMod provides a robust Membership Program on your Miva Merchant 5 store. Reward customers through Customer Appreciation Discounts, Sales and Points! Additionally, create time-based sales for all shoppers in your store! Controls all availability and price groups in your store.

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Payment SuperMod v5

The Payment SuperMod allows you to control what payment options your customer sees and the order in which those options are listed.

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Shipping SuperMod v5

The Shipping SuperMod v5 provides a shipping method control system that allows you to limit what shipping options are available to your customers based on criteria such as shipping address or even what products are being purchased. It allows you to rename and reorder shipping methods in your store, and provides fall-back shipping methods that can be used when no other shipping methods are available - for instance, when online shipping calculators are down.

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Customer Credit

The CustCredit module allows you to offer store credit to your customer for returned items. The credit is tracked with the customer's account and can be automatically applied to the next purchase when the customer checks out, simplifying your returns process and minimizing credit card charges for refunds. Can also be used as a "Payment Module" and credit redeemed during payment selection.

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Copernicus Everything™ Subscription - $119.99

The Copernicus "Everything" Subscription provides you with EVERY Copernicus Miva Merchant 5 module for your store, including updates and FREE SUPPORT! Over $725 worth of software for one low monthly fee!

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