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This module provides additional Features for your Merchant 5.x store. With the placement of the module's item tokens you can display, anywhere in your store, products randomly selected from your store, products randomly selected from particular categories, your store's best sellers, and more! The module accomplishes this by tying particular tokens to templates configured from within the module's admin. You can specify the exact layout of the template and display it anywhere in your store with a single item token. Particular details about the items are configured with separate tokens in the templates (for example, you can separately arrange where to display a product's thumbnail and name).

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Daily Deals

This powerful little module provides amazing marketing potential for your Miva Merchant 5 store! It allows youto create a "deal of the day" - a special price for ONE particular product in your store limited to an appropriatequantity! Products placed within a special category are rotated as the deal of the day!

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