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Are you a Miva Merchant site designer, Miva Module developer, Miva Merchant Host or all around Miva Expert? If so partnering with mvt:rocks! can provide you with multiple revenue and traffic opportunities. Who can partner with mvt:rocks!? Anyone "in the business". If you develop products or provide services for small businesses, or even write tutorials for small businesses who use Miva Merchant, you can become a partner.

Benefits include:

  • Everyone: Up to 5% commission on all referred sales.
  • Everyone: Access to special discounts on partner products and services.
  • Module Developers: Selling modules on our high profile site will increase your module sales!
  • Module Developers: Easy licensing of modules, we provide code for you OR you can upload your own keys for distribution.
  • Guest Content Writers: Referral traffic and links back to your sites!
  • Guest Content Writers: Earn commission on sales generated by your articles!

Affiliate & Traffic Partner Program

Intended Audience: Miva Merchant site designers, hosts, consultants, tutorial sites & informational publishers

Our affiliate and traffic partner program provides up to 5% commissions on purchases from customers that are referred from your website, online forums and other social media outlets. Your referral affiliate cookie is valid for up to 30 days from the original referral. Of course we don't allow link spamming, but if you provide useful and interesting content about Miva Merchant or even design Miva Merchant sites, our affiliate program is for you. You can even use your own affiliate links to give yourself an instant discount on anything you purchase here!

Note: ALL partner accounts are automatically also affiliate accounts. So if you sell modules on our site you are automatically enrolled in our affiliate program and eligible for 5% payouts on all purchases you make in our store.

Guest Content Partner Program

Intended Audience: Miva Merchant and eCommerce Experts in any field

Our guest content partner program is a special affiliate style account that let's you publish informational tutorials and receive special affiliate referrals on solutions you recommend that are purchased here. If a customer comes to our site and enters by way of an article you publish in our blog (The Learning Center), you will receive affiliate credit for the products purchased.

Additionally, Guest Content Writers receive links back to their own non-competing sites. Your links will appear in our blogs as long as you write at least one article a month. This is a great way to establish yourself as an expert in the Miva Merchant community, and get the benefits of direct traffic referrals from mvt:rocks!

Module & Developer Partner Program

Intended Audience: Miva Merchant module and related product developers

The most lucrative way of partnering with mvt:rocks! is to become a software developer. While selling your modules and software direct from your own store is encouraged, there's nothing like a high traffic aggregation site like ours to give you an instant boost in module revenue!.

Whether you're an established Miva Module Developer or new to the game, selling at mvt:rocks will improve your sales and increase your revenue. And if you're new to programming Miva Merchant modules, visit our learning center to learn everything you need to know about creating modules, then start selling!

How do I become a mvt:rocks! partner?

Easy, fill out the partner request form below and we'll be in touch!

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