Unlimited Forms for Miva Merchant 5

Unlimited Forms for Miva Merchant 5
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This module allows you to create generic "form mail" forms on any page within Miva Merchant 5. For outbound SPAM protection, only those email addresses listed in the recipients list can receive email from your forms. To create a new email form, set up a standard FORM element area on any page in Miva Merchant 5, create input boxes to collect information from your customer, and create the required hidden elements to cause the contents of the form to be emailed to the intended recipient.


  • Allows you to create an unlimited number of generic HTML-based forms for your Miva Merchant 5 store. You can create any form with HTML. The contents of a valid submission are emailed to you or any other email address you designate (on a form-by-form basis).
  • Performs simple required fields validation, form will not submit an email if required fields are left empty.
  • Named recipients must exist in the module administration in order for the form to send email. This prevents the form from being used to send email to anyone else other than those recipients you provide.
  • One field in any form can be designated as the "From" field. This allows your customers to supply their email address as part of the form, and the email is sent to you "from" their address.
  • Creates several global variables that can be used to make the form more interactive and provide visual feedback to the customer. For example, you can highlight missing fields after submission, provide a thank-you message after a valid submission, etc.

*Note: This is a "toolkit". Some knowledge of HTML forms is required.

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