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Free Shipping 5

Would you like to give some notification to your customers that a certain product ships for free? Our Free Shipping 5 module gives you that functionality for your Miva Merchant 5.x store when using one of our shipping modules: UPS® Custom Integration FedEx® Advanced USPS® Advanced

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USPS Advanced 5

Continuing our tradition of developing the most highly configurable shipping modules for Miva Merchant, we are proud to announce the release of USPS Advanced. This module contains the same kind of options available in our FedEx Advanced and UPS Custom Integration. It offers USPS rate calculations for both domestic and international addresses.

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UPS ® Online Tools Custom Integration

Provides accurate, real-time shipping using UPS Online Tools®; includes: international shipping, free shipping options, per-product and per-category options, drop shipping--this is the shipping module that can't be beat.

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Shipping SuperMod v5

The Shipping SuperMod v5 provides a shipping method control system that allows you to limit what shipping options are available to your customers based on criteria such as shipping address or even what products are being purchased. It allows you to rename and reorder shipping methods in your store, and provides fall-back shipping methods that can be used when no other shipping methods are available - for instance, when online shipping calculators are down.

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