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Order Status Manager for Merchant 5

Reduce customer calls, emails and uncertainty with the best, most widely used, order status tracking module

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Order Contents

Quickly see which products your customers are ordering in real time without having to visit order detail screens. Analyze buying patterns as they happen and quickly react to today's emerging sales trends.

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Out of Stock/Coming Soon Wait List 5

The Out of Stock Wait List 5 is an upgrade to our 4.x version. The module allows customers to be notified when stock levels are replenished for items that are temporarily out of stock. It can also be used for "coming soon" items so customers can sign up to be notified when an item is available.

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Customer Credit

The CustCredit module allows you to offer store credit to your customer for returned items. The credit is tracked with the customer's account and can be automatically applied to the next purchase when the customer checks out, simplifying your returns process and minimizing credit card charges for refunds. Can also be used as a "Payment Module" and credit redeemed during payment selection.

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