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Inventory Manager for Merchant 5

Inventory Manager allows you to track inventory at the attribute and option level.

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Sales Summary Report

View your product sales, number of orders, attribute summary and products sold by Year, Month, Week, Day and Hour.

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Miva Merchant 5 - Domain License

Miva Merchant 5 takes your online business to the next level, providing unlimited potential with unprecedented power, flexibility, and ease of use. Designed for success, Miva Merchant 5 gives access to all of the tools you need to develop, maintain, and grow a thriving online store.

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Card Magic 5

Card Magic allows your customers to save their credit card numbers in secure encrypted storage. After saving a card, when customers return to your store, they can check out quickly and conveniently by picking the card from a menu, instead of re-entering the numbers and expiration date.

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Currency Magic 5

Currency Magic allows your store to display prices in multiple currencies. Customers to your site can simply pick the desired currency from a menu, and your entire Miva store will instantly start displaying all prices in that form!

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Vendor Manager 5

Track and inform vendors when their products have been purchased. (Co-developed with e-BusinessExpress).

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