Order Reminders

Order Reminders
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Remind your customers that it's time to re-order!
This module provides an interface to trigger a re-order notification with automatic return to the store for checkout. After you manually schedule an order reminder, your store will begin to send automatic notifications to the customer, advising them that it is time to re-order. A link will be provided in the automatic email that will return the customer to the Basket page (BASK) of your store, with the basket pre-loaded with all of the same products and options from their original order.

Email Configuration: Within the Store Utilities, you can configure the email to be sent to the customer. You can choose to send a standard text email or a HTML email. For HTML emails, you can also configure the HTML Head Tag content, where you can insert CSS style customizations for the look and feel of the HTML email.

Creating a Reminder Schedule:
Open the Store Utilities (click the + sign next to the word Utilities), two new administration screens are available. Click "Reorder: Create Reminders" to list all orders in your store. Click "Edit Here" to create or alter a reminder schedule for this order.
- To Create Reminders: Edit an Order Reminder, Set the total # of reminders and the duration between reminders. Ex: 12 Reminders, 1 every 1 Month = Monthly Reminders for 1 year.
- To Pause Reminders: Edit an Order Reminder and uncheck the "Active" button.
- To Stop Reminders: Click the Check-box under "Cancel" and click "Execute" to cancel future reminders for this order

Viewing Scheduled Reminders And Manually Re-Sending:
Open the Store Utilities (click the + sign next to the word Utilities), two new administration screens are available. Click "Reorder: Show Schedule" to list the current schedule for your reminders.
- To RESEND a reminder, check the box under the word "Send" and click "Execute"

  1. *Note: THIS IS NOT AN AUTOMATIC RECURRING BILLING SYSTEM. It is an Order Reminder System.
  2. Re-order notifications are SCHEDULED MANUALLY and sent automatically.
  3. Scheduled events are run ONLY as often as your store is used. If you have NO traffic to your store, on a given day that an order reminder is scheduled to be sent, it will NOT be sent that day. However, it WILL be sent on the next day that you have visitors to your store.
  4. This module requires the original ORDERS to be left in the store to function. DO NOT DELETE ORDERS OR BATCHES.

*Note: Out of stock inventory items will still be added to the cart.
*Note: Upsold items may be removed from the basket during checkout due to Miva Merchant's API.
*Note: Prices changes to your products are NOT reflected upon re-order. The original price of the products and options will be used for re-orders.

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