CheckOut SuperMod v5

CheckOut SuperMod v5
Price: Included in Copernicus Everything Subscription
Current Version: 6.000
Quantity in Basket: None

Key Benefits Include:

  • Advanced Shipping Screen that gives customers the ability to select a different shipping method for every item in the order
  • When the Advanced Shipping Screen is used, the items in the order are internally grouped by shipping method so that items using the same shipping method are calculated and displayed together
  • Customer can choose to go to Advanced Shipping Screen to ship every item via a separate shipping method or can choose to not go to the Advanced Shipping Screen and instead ship everything in the order using the same shipping method
  • Configurable title for the link to the Advanced Shipping Screen from the payment/shipping selection checkout screen.
  • Shipping charges from the Advanced Shipping Screen can be viewed on further checkout screens including the Screen Invoice and emailed invoice
  • Return to shopping after having used the Advanced Shipping Screen and the settings are remembered for checkout and shopper is automatically taken to the Advanced Shipping Screen upon checkout
  • Ability to split line items of multiple-quantity products into individual line-items for different option selections including shipping and address* selections.
  • Works with existing third-party shipping modules
  • Integrates and shares data with the Shipping SuperMod and Address SuperMod from Copernicus giving you even more functionality! 
  • When used with the Address SuperMod, each item in the order can be shipped to a different address. Upon checkout, items to common addresses using common shipping methods are grouped together, and proper shipping charges are applied to each shipment. Further, items are then grouped by address for proper tax calculations to each address in the order. 

Note: Multiple address selections are only available when used with the Address SuperMod.

For complete control of the checkout process the Address SuperMod™, CheckOut SuperMod™, and Shipping SuperMod™ all work together. Each item in the basket can then be shipped to a different address using a different shipping method. Shipping methods available to each address can be filtered based upon the products in the basket, the destination, etc., and shipping and tax for each shipment is calculated individually.

Please Note - The CheckOut SuperMod v5 significantly alters the checkout process of your store. The CheckOut SuperMod v5 takes the checkout process beyond that allowed by Miva Merchant, which is why the module allows your customers to checkout of your storefront with multiple shipping methods and/or to multiple addresses (when used with the Address SuperMod) in a single order.

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