Membership SuperMod v5

Membership SuperMod v5
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The Membership SuperMod allows you to create Membership Groups in Miva Merchant giving the store owner ways to reward customers through Customer Appreciation Discounts, Sales and Points that can be redeemed for a discount. The storeowner can make various Membership Groups allowing the owner to offer different levels of Membership (and its benefits) depending on the "level of loyalty" of the customer. Customers can be automatically moved from one Membership Group to the next as their purchasing increases. The Membership SuperMod also provides facilities to create special time-based sales for all shoppers in the store.

    Key Benefits:
  • User Interface Independent: Complete StoreMorph integration including templates, entities and items allows full customization of all layouts.
  • Full automatic control of all Price and Availability Group customer assignments. Membership Groups define a set of price and availability groups that are automatically applied to all members of the Membership Group.
  • Membership Groups can have a set beginning date, expiration date or specific duration
  • Configurable to display discounts as a price reduction in the basket and checkout screens so customer is aware of their savings
  • Basket price adjustments are performed when a user logs in; thus allowing the customer to take advantage of their membership even if they log in after shopping.
  • Membership and Sales Features:
    • Time-duration based sales: The store administrator can configure special "Automatic" membership groups that apply to every customer immediately upon login. This is useful for creating special sales periods where all shoppers receive a discount on any or all products in the store
    • Membership Rewards Program: Provide multiple levels of discounts to customers based on their purchase history. Memberships into discount (price) groups can occur by point accumulation, purchase accumulation, or points spent.
    • Points Redemption Program: Provide a points redemption program where customers accumulate points based on purchase history, then can receive discounts in the store by redeeming points for discounts.
    • Exclusive Membership Groups: The storeowner can create membership groups that remove the customer from all other groups as they enter an exclusive group.
    • Easily manage wholesale v. retail customer pricing
    • Automatic entry into membership groups based on:
      • Purchase of a specific product
      • Prior Price or Availability Group membership
      • Entering Membership Code into the customer account
    • Automatic removal from membership groups based on:
      • Allowed duration of a membership
      • Expiration date of a membership
      • Entry into an exclusive group
      • Manual expiration by administrator

    Customer benefits:
    • Receive pre-established discounts at checkout when part of a Membership Group
    • Accumulate points when making purchases
    • Redeem accumulated points when making purchases
    • Receive pre-established discounts and earn/use points even if login to Membership Group during a shopping session
    • Pay with dollars (in addition to points) if there are not enough points accumulated to cover the cost of the entire order
  • Storeowner has complete control when creating Membership Groups
  • Optionally create a "Signup Feeï" for the Membership Group - great for charging customers a membership fee to receive special pricing!
  • Limit the duration of a Membership Group (in days) - great for running sales!
  • Manually adjust the number of points in a customer record
  • Allow or disallow points to be used to pay for tax or shipping
  • Include Price and Availability Groups in the Membership Group
  • Track total purchases, discounts, points earned and points spent by customer
  • Add customers to a group and individually specify their end date within the Membership Group
  • Determine thresholds for automatic inclusion of a customer in a Membership Group

Product Notes:

This module performs price group based basket recalculations when a customer logs in. If you are using a module such as bulk or tiered pricing that provides discounts that are NOT based on the built-in Miva Merchant price groups, those modules will conflict with the Membership SuperMod.

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