Address SuperMod v5

Address SuperMod v5
Price: Included in Copernicus Everything Subscription
Current Version: 6.000
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The Address SuperMod™ V5 allows customers to store multiple shipping addresses with their customer account in your Miva Merchant store. Customers can select a single shipping and billing address from their list of stored addresses during checkout.

Key Benefits Include:

  • Allows customers to store multiple shipping addresses within their account
  • Allows customers to choose the order Ship-To and Bill-To address from the list of stored addresses using a drop-down menu during checkout
  • Integrates and shares data with other checkout enhancement modules from Copernicus such as the CheckOut SuperMod and Shipping SuperMod. The CheckOut SuperMod is required to allow customers to ship to multiple addresses. 

For complete control of the checkout process the Address SuperMod™, CheckOut SuperMod™, and Shipping SuperMod™ all work together. Each item in the basket can then be shipped to a different address using a different shipping method. Shipping methods available to each address can be filtered based upon the products in the basket, the destination, etc., and each shipment to each address calculated individually.

Please note: when the Address SuperMod is used in a store without the CheckOut SuperMod, the customer can only choose a Ship To address (from his list of addresses) for the entire order. The customer cannot designate a separate Ship To address for each product in the order. This advanced functionality is only available when the Address SuperMod is used in conjunction with the CheckOut SuperMod.

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