Daily Deals

Daily Deals
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This powerful little module provides amazing marketing potential for your Miva Merchant 5 store! It allows you to create a "deal of the day" - a special price for ONE particular product in your store limited to an appropriate quantity!

Products placed within a special category are rotated as the deal of the day! With bonus features such as limited quantities, same-day deal rotation, and even a circular rotation of what products will be offered, the buzz you can create is limited only by your imagination.

Configurable Options:

  • Specify the category used; products in the category are offered in order as the deal of the day
  • Set how many total deals should be offered (of that one product). When this amount (or possibly slightly more) of the deal product are purchased, the deal becomes inactive and is no longer offered.
  • Rotate to the next deal product automatically; either the next day or as soon as the current deal is over
  • Take a deal product out of the list of offered deals, or add it back into the end of the list
  • Specify an exact deal price OR a percent-off calculated price
  • Override the number of deals available and the price on a per-product basis
  • Fully MM5/Wombat compatible – fully StoreMorgh Item and Entity/Array based for unlimited layout potentially
  • Automatically changes the price of the daily deal product throughout the site, including when the product is added to the basket.

Bonus Feature:
This module will also create and store extra product information such as the date/time the product was added into Miva Merchant and the date/time the product was last updated in Miva Merchant. Of course products added before the module won't have completely accurate created dates.

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