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This module provides additional Features for your Merchant 5.x store. With the placement of the module's item tokens you can display, anywhere in your store, products randomly selected from your store, products randomly selected from particular categories, your store's best sellers, and more! The module accomplishes this by tying particular tokens to templates configured from within the module's admin. You can specify the exact layout of the template and display it anywhere in your store with a single item token. Particular details about the items are configured with separate tokens in the templates (for example, you can separately arrange where to display a product's thumbnail and name).

The module comes with the follow templates but you can add as many as you want:

  • Random Products
  • Random Products from Category
  • Best Sellers
  • Images from List
  • Random Images from List
  • Products from List
  • Random Products from List

The Random Products tokens display products randomly selected from your store. Specific tokens display the information about the product and include many "extras" such as the ability to display the discount the customer is receiving (if any) from the list price. Products can be kept from being selected by adding the text vc_noshow (usually as a comment, <!--vc_noshow-->) to the product's description.

The Random Products from Category tokens display products randomly selected from particular categories. This permits you to feature the products from a particular category on your storefront or set up a category just to hold featured products and display products randomly selected from that category (the category does not need to be active in the store)

The Best Sellers tokens display a list of your best selling products (determined by the quantity sold). As with the Random Products tokens, individual products can be excluded from the displayed list. The list of best selling products is determined dynamically and will change as your sales change.

The Images from List tokens displays images from a list of images configured in the module's interface. Alt text can be maintained for each image. These tokens provide for the ability to change the images in your store without having to change your store templates. To change the image being displayed simply upload a new image into the particular position being displayed from the list.

The Random Images from List tokens will display an image randomly selected from a list of images maintained in the module's admin. This provides for the ability to rotate images in your store to provide for a variety of "looks" to show the customer and to keep things fresh.

The Products from List tokens provide for the ability to feature particular products in your store and to change the particular products being displayed by simply changing the products in the list rather than having to manually change the tokens on the pages

The Random Products from List tokens also provide for the ability to feature particular products but will randomly select which products to feature from a list configured in the module's admin. This permits you to rotate the featured products each time the customer visits the store and will present them with a "fresh" featured product each time.

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