Vendor Manager 5

Vendor Manager 5
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Current Version: 5.009
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This module gives a merchant the ability to track the purchase of products assigned to vendors. The module logs all purchases and sends notification emails to the vendor assigned to the products. In addition, the module is capable of tracking payouts due to vendors and provides for a convenient interface to process payouts and generate "invoices". Use of the payout feature is optional. Other features include:

  • The format of the email sent to the vendors is completely configurable with the use of tokens to specify the vendor and order information. A default template can be configured for the email and individual vendors can also have a template specifically configured for them.
  • Similarly, the invoice showing the payout being made to the vendor can be configured with a default template or with a template specific to the particular vendor. Like the email, the invoice template uses tokens to represent information about the vendor (name, code, payout due, total payout paid, date paid, etc.) and the products purchased.
  • Payouts can be calculated and tracked as a percentage or flat rate (eg. $5/product sold). The percentage can be based on the product's cost, price paid (eg. prices affected by sales), or list price. In addition, the payout calculation can be configured "globally" for the vendor (applies by default to all assigned products) and individual products can also have a specific payout method associated with them (i.e. a vendor can be provided a different payout calculation method for a specific product).
  • The module's admin interface provides for a simple listing of all payouts due with a link to each vendor's specific payout screen. Payout periods can be specified for each vendor and can be configured in just about time span you would want and can be set to be paid on any particular day of the week, month, year, etc.

Note: The Merchant 5 version of this module was upgraded by e-BusinessExpress/MvMonster, based upon the original Viking Coders Merchant 4 module.

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