Card Magic 5

Card Magic 5
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Card Magic allows your customers to save their credit card numbers in secure encrypted storage. After saving a card, when customers return to your store, they can check out quickly and conveniently by picking the card from a menu, instead of re-entering the numbers and expiration date.


Card numbers are saved with strong RSA encryption to protect the confidential information. When a customer places an order with a saved credit card, the card is not immediately charged, because the card number and other essential data are encrypted. Card Magic provides a Pending Orders display where you can view these orders, enter the decryption password, and charge the cards with just a few clicks.

Card Magic is available for compiled Miva Merchant (versions 4.14 thru 5.x). For Merchant versions 4.x, Card Magic requires a customizable user interface, such as OpenUI, or the template systems from Copernicus or Viking Coders. If your store does not have any of these (uses the standard Miva MMUI), you can still use Card Magic by having a bit of customization done to your store's MMUI file.

Card Magic can be used with any payment module that communicates with a payment gateway in the background, i.e., the customers stay in your Miva store during checkout; they are not transferred to another Web site to enter their card number. Card Magic can also be used with "passive" payment modules that simply store the credit-card information, and don't communicate with a gateway. Card Magic has been successfully tested with the following Miva Merchant payment modules:

  • Cardservice/LinkPoint Payment Gateway
  • Verisign Payflow Pro (PaymentNet)
  • Credit Card Payment With Simple Validation
  • Credit Card Payment w/ Extra Fields (by Viking Coders)

Upon installation, Card Magic is pre-loaded with data to support these modules. To use a different module, you will need to manually collect and enter some data about the module (as explained in the documentation).

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