UPS ® Online Tools Custom Integration

UPS ® Online Tools Custom Integration
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This is NOT sold as a downloadable module, but rather a service. We install a custom module into your store that provides an interface to access the UPS Rates & Service Selection so that your customers can enjoy the pleasures of real-time UPS shipping rate calculation. The integration requires that you register as an end-user and obtain an access key (easily done). We will then integrate the tools into your site using your UPS user id and access key. Once you have placed your order, we will send you information on the form you need to fill out on UPS's site and we will perform the custom integration for you. The process is normally completed the same business day. We will perform the installation for you and you will be able to access the settings as if it were a standard MIVA Merchant shipping module.

The features offered by the interface are almost identical to those of the Original UPS Advanced module. Unlike the current version of that module, this interface handles international shippingsurcharges for rural areas, and even shipping FROM international addresses (but then I guess it wouldn't be "international" to you). 

The interface offers options such as such as calculation of "oversize" and "dimensional" weights (you can specify the dimensions of the package), declared value insurance, and hazmat. In addition, it lets you configure products to be shipping independently in their own box (or multiple quantity per box) and from their own zip code. Individual products can be flagged to have free shipping, products being shipping in their own box can be specified to have free shipping on a per-method basis (eg. free UPS ground for product x), and individual methods can be configured to be free (eg. free UPS ground). You also have the option of configuring the module on a "category" level so that all products within that category will ship using the option set for the category. 

Individual methods can be discounted (eg. UPS Ground 25% off). Individual methods can also have specific handling charges assigned to them. The merchant can specify the maximum weight to put into individual shipping boxes as well as specify a weight for the shipping package itself. The module uses a sophisticated algorithm to pack the boxes to the maximum weight while maintaining the lowest number of boxes. The methods seen by the customer in the drop down shipping selection list can be sorted either ascending or descending (or not at all). 

The module's documentation is available here (PDF, 542kb). 

What to do after ordering the UPS Custom Integration

1. Please read over the following FAQ ( 
The information is the same for both Merchant 4 and Merchant 5. 

2. Once you have followed those steps, please open a ticket here and fill out the required fields. (

Feedback From our Customers:

Best Money Spent on a Module! - by Christine Rozon from Dorchester, Ontario CA
[Christine runs a Canadian store but UPS Custom Integration works great for them.]

The price makes this module a steal! - by James Bennett from Norco, CA US

Totally Accurate, WORTH EVERY PENNY - by Eli Boone from Galesburg, IL US

Accurate and easy to use - by Kevin Williams from Grants Pass, OR US

Has worked great - by Tom Owen from Emeryville, CA US

You Got to get this Upgrade - by Jason Frey from Indianapolis, IN US

The Ultimate UPS Shipping Calculator - by Gary Mong from Hagerstown, MD US

Why didn't Miva think of this? - by Jim Fann from Virginia Beach, VA US
[Not sure that one will slip through the censors ;) ]

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