Order Status Manager for Merchant 5

Order Status Manager for Merchant 5
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Current Version: 5.052
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*NEW* Order Status Manger now uses Merchant 5.x "templates" to display it's pages, so integration with your store's "look and feel" is now much easier. 

This module provides you with the tools you need to let your customers check the status of their past orders. It adds a link (or links, in up to 13 different positions), to the Merchant pages which customers can use to access their order history. The customer is given a display of all of their past orders. They can view the details of any of the orders, and even search them for details. The tracking numbers themselves can be direct links to the shipper's website tracking page, so the customer can check the status of their order with simple click on a link. The merchant, can access a listing of all orders, searchable by customer, date, orderid, shiping status, tracking number, etc., change their status, enter tracking numbers (for orders and even individual products), and have an email sent to the customer notifying them of the change. Shipping labels can be displayed and printed for each order. The format of the shipping label/packing slip is completely configurable using tokens. 
The merchant can individually configure many of the features of the module. For example, the status themselves are NOT predefined. The Merchant can configure these to be whatever he wants. Similarly, the "tracking types" can be configured, complete with a URL to use for that type of tracking number. When the tracking number is displayed to the customer, that URL is used to take the customer to the shipper's tracking page. The module comes preconfigured with the URLs for UPS, USPS, and FedEx but adding additional tracking types is simple. The merchant can select to send an email when the status of an order changes. Email can be sent to the customer's billing, shipping, or both, email addresses. Separate text for each type of email can be configured (ie. separate email text can be configured for when the status changes to "shipping", or "back-ordered", or whatever). The email text can include dozens of possible tokens that can be used to represent the customer's details (first name, last name, login, password etc.), tracking status, link to the customer's orders status page (it automatically logs them in), link to the storefront, and many more. The module does not require that the customer be logged in for their order data to be saved. Of course if the customer was not logged in when they placed their order, they won't be able to view the order later. 
The module maintains a separate database of the orders which is a duplicate of Merchant's order databases, including the payment and shipping details. So you can delete orders from within Merchant admin, but the customers will still be able to view their past orders. The Order Status orders can be deleted from within the modules admin interface. That interface also provides the ability to search the orders by date, customer, tracking number, tracking type, and status. The order details can be viewed, and tracking status, number, and type, can be set for individual products within the order.

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