Pulse - Store Statistics for Merchant 5

Pulse - Store Statistics for Merchant 5
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Current Version: 5.00
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Pulse is a 5x module for logging customer activity, orders, referers and the like. While this module is similar to our popular ELM and ELM2, it has been rewritten from scratch. As it makes extensive use of MySQL to optimize and produce queries, it is not available for stores using mivasql. (You can check which you are using by clicking the "Main") link in your Miva Merchant admin. Pulse will not be made available for mivasql.

Reports include:

  • Live Stats: see what your customers are doing, live
  • Order summaries are available on daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and total basis--or you can search by a date range
  • See all actions from a particular IP address
  • View all orders by country, state, zip, payment and shipping type
  • See average number of products per order
  • Keep a tally of search terms and KNOW what your customers are looking for
  • See where they came from and what browser they use
  • Which referal sites are producing your orders?
  • Do you know which products are being viewed the most? Ordered the most? And those which customers are having second thoughts about?

Again, please note that MySQL is required.

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