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Coupons is a module that allows your customers to redeem coupons by entering a coupon code in your Miva Merchant 5.5 and 5.0 stores. It is both an upgrade and re-envisioning of our Miva Merchant 4.x module, Coupon Manager.

The module offers an easy to use admin interface to create coupons of numerous options. Some examples of offers you can create are:

  • Percentage and Flat Dollar Discounts
  • Free Shipping
  • Percent off Shipping
  • Product and Category Specific Coupons
  • Discounts For the Next Ten Shoppers to Use a Coupon
  • Coupons for Availability and Price Groups
  • Coupons for Specific Customer Accounts
  • Discounts Based on Ship-To Checkout Information
  • (NEW) Import from 4.x support
  • (NEW) Added column "Order Date" to Coupon Log
  • (NEW) Added option "Calculate Subtotal Using: Qualifying/All Products in Basket"

You can configure coupons to only be redeemed when used by themselves or redeemable in conjunction with other coupons (with an optional maximum total coupons setting). Coupons may optionally reduce sales tax. Coupon's admin lets you easily view the number of times created coupons have been used and quickly edit or remove coupons. You can also view a log of all coupons used in your store.

Coupons also allows you to bulk generate new coupons based on existing ones in your store. If you want to create 50 unique coupon codes that all offer 10% off in your store, you can easily do that with this module.

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