PIN Fulfillment for Merchant 5

PIN Fulfillment for Merchant 5
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PIN Fulfillment allows you to automatically issue PIN Numbers to customers when qualifying products are purchased. This module was developed for stores selling calling cards, but can be used for issuing any type of unique code for products, such as license keys, passwords, etc. The only requirement is that each "PIN" number is unique. Optionally, a second configurable field may be used to go along with PIN numbers. It might be used for a phone number, if selling calling cards, or for a password if selling logins/passwords, etc. The labels for both fields are configurable. PIN numbers may be sent in a separate email and/or displayed in the invoice.

The admin settings allow you to customize the email from address, cc, subject, header, and footer. You can also optionally be auto-notified when PIN numbers are running low for a product. PIN Fulfillment may also be configured so that PIN numbers are only auto-issued to customers assigned to a particular availability group (by default all orders are auto-approved). If the customer isn't assigned, the orders can be manually approved from an order history console. You can auto-assign customers to the availability group when manually approving orders as well.

You can also set up the module to allow customers to view their PIN order history from the account edit screen. Additionally, you can set a customer order counter and receive notifications when customers' PIN orders have reached multiples of that counter (for rewarding frequent shoppers with coupons, etc.).

PIN Numbers can be manually added for products via a simple to use console in the edit products screen, or in bulk using the included import module.

For users migrating from Miva Merchant version 4, the module can import all settings and data, including order-history data, from the old store's databases with just a few clicks.


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