OSM5 Import / Export

OSM5 Import / Export
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Current Version: 5.00
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Order Status Manager 5 Import/Export is an admin add-on module to Order Status Manager 5. The module gives you several options for importing data into Order Status Manger. You can import data from an XML file, flat file or your Miva Merchant orders database. Additionally, you can export Order Status Manager data into an XML file or flat file.

This import/export combo speeds up the process of updating orders maintained by our Order Status Manager 5 module. The exported flat files can be opened in any text editor, spreadsheet or database program for simpler updating of orders. Any text editor can open the XML file as well. With your own custom written tools, you can transform the XML file into other formats that may be relevant to your needs.

Unlike the 4.x version of this module, this module can send email updates when an order's status changes (provided you have an import option appropriately set). Like the 4.x version, the module also allows you to modify the statuses of order line items via import.

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