Payment Designer 5

Payment Designer 5
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This is a payment module which lets you configure the specific fields to collect the payment data (if any). The user can configure the method name that appears in the drop down payment selection box and any number of individual fields to collect data (although none need be specified) and text prompts that appear on the payment data collection screen. Each field may be configured to be "required" so that a simple check verifies that the field has been filled out. If no field is configured then none will be displayed. In addition, a message may be configured that will be displayed above the prompts and fields on the payment page. The collected data is then provided to the administrator with the other information when processing orders. Example uses would include "On Account," "Purchase Order," etc., but you can create any method you like. In addition, each individual methods can be configured to be offered only to customers in particular availability or price groups.

NOTE: Can this module be used to collect the 3 or 4 digit security codes from customers?
NO DON'T DO THAT! The security codes on a credit card may not be collected and stored on a server. Doing so contravenes the agreement you have entered into with Visa, Mastercard, American Express, etc. Not only are there are hefty fines associated with this but it is a practice that will further erode confidence in online commerce, damaging your business and threatening the security of your own financial data. The only valid way to collect security codes from customers is to use a realtime gateway, where the code is collected, verified, but not stored. Miva Merchant supports several realtime gateways with the ability to verify CVV codes. Please check with Miva for more information on those gateways.

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