Generic Orders Export 5

Generic Orders Export 5
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Current Version: 5.00
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This module provides a more configurable means to export your batched order data to a flat file. The format and content of the header and exported orders is configured with tokens. Tokens are available for all of the order data and you can control exactly what data is exported. Including the shipping and payment data, even the data stored in the payment module's own databases. So you can export the credit card numbers and other payment data regardless of which payment module you have. *NOTE: The shipping and Payment data may not be available for some payment and shipping modules after you upgrade to "Wombat/PR7".

The Generic Orders Export module started life as a Worldship export module. It permits the order data to be exported in a format which can then be imported into UPS Worldship. The documentation includes information on what format to use for the export (and the module includes a "default" option for this format).

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