Affiliate Manager 5

Affiliate Manager 5
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Current Version: 5.063
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This module, as the name implies, is an affiliate manager. It tracks referrals to your store from your affiliates. You give an Affiliate code to them which they in turn can use in a link to your site or provide to others who can enter it on your site to give credit to the affiliate for their visit. You can set the amount to be paid out separately for each individual affiliate and the module tracks the accumulation and alerts you when payout is due. Payouts can be scheduled for any time period from daily to annually or set to occur when a particular payout amount has been accumulated. 

A sampling of the module's features:

  • Payouts can be accumulated and for both hits and orders (as both a per order payout and as a percentage of the order total)
  • Payouts can be accumulated for as many levels as you desire (i.e. you can give payouts to those who refer other affiliates to your store)
  • Emails can be sent to the affiliates when orders result from their referral. The email can be in either text or html formatting.
  • The referral is gathered by the module itself w/ a link such as:
    No need for extra scripts to collect the referral.
  • The referral link can point to almost any page in your store. For example, you can point them directly to specific products or categories. Just add the AFFIL=affilcode to the URL that points to that page.
  • Customers can be redirected to a static web page after the referral is collected so the module can be used by those merchants who display their products on static pages.
  • Referrals can be held without crediting it to the affiliate if the customers pay with particular payment modules to avoid payouts for orders for which payment was not actually received.
  • The contents of the emails sent by the module and the invoices generated are fully configurable by the use of templates.
  • The referral code can be passed to your store either through the link from the affiliate's web site or it can be collected in a form on your site which can be positioned in up to 14 different positions. The content of that form is configurable with a template
  • The module can provide for a new page in your store at which customers can apply to be affiliates. That page can be linked to w/ links in up to 13 different positions on your store pages and the content of the new affiliates page is entirely configurable by the use of templates. Approval can be either automatic or pending your approval.

  • Note that this module does NOT provide an interface for the affiliate to log in and view their statistics and personal information. It also lacks the "store settings" feature of the 4.x version of the module which provided for individual affiliates to each have their own "look and feel" for the store. This feature will be released as a separate module combined with the Affiliate Login upgrade.

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