Affiliate Manager - Login for Merchant 5.x

Affiliate Manager - Login for Merchant 5.x
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Current Version: 5.00
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Affiliate Login

An accessory module for the Affiliate Manager This module provides your Affiliate Manager affiliates with an interface in your store where they can view and modify their personal data (permitting them to modify their settings is optional), view the orders and hits which have been credited to them, view the payouts which are pending and the payouts which have already been made.

The module uses Merchant's page templates to maintain the "outer" portions of it's pages but uses it's own "templates and tokens" approach to displaying the main page content. The approach will be familiar to users of our other modules. This approach provides for full control over the display of the various pages by simply modifying the HTML used to display that page; placing tokens to represent the data wherever you see fit. Two templates can be separately configured and you can select which of the two to use for your display. By default, one of these templates displays almost all of the affiliate's personal data and permits them to edit and update the information. The other template displays the same data but does NOT permit the affiliate to modify the data.

The display consists of a main page to which the affiliate first arrives with links on this page, style with a very Web 2.0 CSS menu, to each of the other data pages. Images can of course be configured for each of the links and buttons on the various pages. This version also provide you with an interface in the admin to maintain a CSS style sheet used to format the pages.

The module's documentation can be read here

Note: This module requires that the Affiliate Manager for Merchant 5.x be installed (and isn't of any use without it).

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