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Template Manager
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This advanced module provides a comprehensive system for rapid design integration, advanced store design and administration, extreme template capabilities and much more. One of the most basic, and powerful features, is the use of layouts for template integration, the ability to create category and product specific templates, and the ability to create “generic” templates that can be displayed anywhere at anytime in your store!

Packed with extras, this module provides must have features such as SEO linking and page title management, support for Upsale before a one-page checkout, featured rotating product list, Jquery category tree settings, and even free shipping for orders over a certain amount!

Keep checking for updates – we've built the internals to handle “Template Sets” that can be used to create a different look and feel of your store based on certain criteria such as affiliate stores, A/B testing algorithms, etc. That's not ready for prime time yet, but it will be soon!


  • NEW! Layouts, Templates and Template Sets - General, Product and Category Templates!
    are one of the core features of the module. The layouts provide an easy way to keep designs organized and make structural changes site wide. Conceptually – layouts are to MM5 StoreMorph what StoreMorph was to MM4. A layer on TOP of the standard design tools, where you can consolidate common code even further than provided by the standard page templates.

    Usually most stores have between 2 to 4 different PAGE style layouts; a one-column layout for
    checkout, a two-column layout for category, product and category pages, and a three-column layout for
    the store front page. Generalizing, this means that almost every page on a site has one of these three
    structures with common headers and footers, and just the “body” content of a page changes. Layouts
    templates provide for 4 different Structural Layouts commonly used throughout the store. Layouts are simply a special form of template – used in PLACE of the main screen templates.

    NEW! TEMPLATES are simple StoreMorph templates that you can call from any page or any other
    template. General templates are usually used to consolidate frequently used snippets of layout code;
    such as a mini-basket, category tree, or even a global footer. Product and Category templates are
    “template variants” that are called from a category or product page layout, but a certain template is
    selected automatically for display based on the current category or product level settings. They allow
    you to simply create different looks for different categories and products.

    NEW! TEMPLATE SETS are a combination of all templates required to generate the layout of a store.
    A template set is similar to the Miva Merchant “Framework” feature, except that in the future we will
    allow for multiple template sets that can be selected automatically based on rules. When available, this feature will allow rule-based layouts; for example layouts for visitors from different geographical
    regions, based on different criteria such as the referral affiliate (affiliate stores), and even A/B testing.
    Today there is only ONE template set.
  • NEW! Free Shipping For Orders Over $x
    A newly added feature, this module now has the biult-in capability to provide free shipping on orders
    over any set amount. Additionally, StoreMorph items are created that help you display formatted
    amounts required to add to the basket to meet the free shipping criteria!
  • NEW! Default CSSUI-like Framework Provided
    We now include a FULLY FUNCTIONAL CSSUI-like / compatible Template Set, page templates
    and Layouts that emulate the current CSSUI but using our pre-packaged Layouts and templates. Great
    for learning all of the features of the module or for starting new sites!
  • Admin Only / Preview Mode - Allows the store to be put into maintenance mode with a twist. It will still allow someone logged into the Miva Merchant Admin to view the shop the site. Great feature to use when performing maintenance that requires the site to "down" temporarily.
  • Upsell Page Re-route - A very specific tool to be used in conjunction with onepage checkouts. This allows the Upsell Page to be shown when the shopper first goes to the OINF page rather then between the OSEL and OPAY screens.
  • SEO Link Helper - Great feature that builds links according to the store settings including the Miva Merchant SEO settings. The item builds links that intelligently work on Miva Mia development servers and Miva Empresa seamlessly.
  •  Multiple Category Tree Modes - Allows for expanded, expanded to two levels, and jQuery SEO Friendly menu styles. This is in addition to the default Miva Merchant category tree.
  • Featured Products - Adds the ability to create a list of featured products that can be used any where including the storefront page. The product list rotates so that the content can keep itself looking fresh.
  • SEO & Breadcrumbs Management - Feature allows for quick easy management of breadcrumb structure and SEO settings for all pages. Includes settings for the page title, and SEO link names.
  • Subcategory List on Category Page - Get the list of subcategories for the current category on the category page. Along with the array, also capture the first three subcategory products for display on the parent category page.


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