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Current Version: 6.000
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Add a WYSIWGY Validating HTML Editor to Miva Merchant 5 (including Wombat)! This editor is both fully functional and unobstrusive. Automatically replaces most HTML Text areas with a fully functional Editor! Features:

  • Tested with Firefox 3 and IE8
  • Validates HTML
  • Works with StoreMorph Code
  • Works with StoreMorph Entities
  • Works with StoreMorph Items
  • Integrated HTML source editor
  • Works in the following areas:
    • Product Page textareas
    • Category Page textareas
    • Main Store areas (Welcome message, etc)
    • NEW in 5.0001! Page headers, footers and other Pages content sections. Some areas excluded, such as HEAD and BODY tag content and main page template.

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  • What browser versions has this module been tested in?
    This HTML WYSIWYG Editor has been tested with Firefox 2, Windows Firefox 3, and IE8.
  • What sections can I edit with the WYSIWYG Editor?
    Generally any text area or "section" of a page, product, category, etc. where you can insert HTML will be editable with the WYSIWYG editor. However, this specifically excludes the "main" page template due to the way that the templates utilize mvt:item tags for the HTML, HEAD and BODY tags on a page. The Editor cannot understand these mvt:item tags and would generate invalid HTML if used in the main page templates.
  • Does this module work with Miva Merchant 5.5 "Wombat"
    Yes, we have just updated the module to be "Wombat" compatible as of 6/21/2010, including an update to the core embedded WYSIWYG editor to the latest version of vendor code available.
  • What WYSIWYG Editor does this module provide?
    The module provides the TinyMCE Editor v3.3.6 licensed under the terms of the LGPL license. Thanks to the TinyMCE team for a great product! The current version of TinyMCE no longer supports "confirm click to edit" so we added it back in on our own!