Tax Free Customers and Products

Tax Free Customers and Products
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Current Version: 6.000
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The ETAXFREE Customer and Product Controller module adds flexibility to your online store - you can provide a tax exempt account to your wholesale customers, while taxing your retail customers. You can setup products that you always charge tax on, whether or not it was sold to a retail or wholesale customer!

Module features include:

  • Creates a special "ETAXFREE" price group, with no price discount. This price group is used for tracking wholesale customers AND products.
  • Put customers in a tax-free price group for your wholesale customers, if they are in this group AND the product is in this group, then tax will not be charged for these customer products.
  • Provides flexibility that allows you to charge tax on certain products for your normally tax-free customers by NOT including these products in the special ETAXFREE price group.

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