Softgoods and Digital Downloads

Softgoods and Digital Downloads
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Current Version: 6.000
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This advanced soft goods and digital downloads delivery system is the first ever PURE Miva Merchant module for Miva Merchant 5.5 providing instant digital downloads after purchase!

  • NEW! - INTRODUCING EBOOK DRM MANAGEMENT! eMediaSales now provides a DRM licensing service for eBooks direclty integrated into SoftGoods. Please contact sales for information on our DRM protection service!

  • NEW! - Added full Kit, Multi-part variant, and default variant support

  • NEW! - Added support for old-style attribute selection cascading into variants/kits

  • NEW! - Added an option to store the File Description within the Download Link Attribute/Option

  • NEW! - Added new indexes for performance improvements in large stores

  • NEW! - Added option to prevent auto-fulfillment for certain payment methods

  • NEW! - Added split suffix length to permit more than 99 splts on large files

  • NOW SUPPORTS VENDING URLs! Your download file can start with "http://" or "https://" - when a user purchases a download served externally, the module will issue a 302 redirect to the download location instead of serving it from your Miva Merchant store!



  • Now supports import/export via standard Miva Merchant import/export products via flat file!
  • Send Instant downloads via email to customers without a purchase!

  • Supports HUGE download files - make sure your Miva Timeout is set high enough to handle LOOOONG download times!

  • Now supports attribute based downloads!

  • Provides protected digital download link on the INVC screen for customers who buy products with SoftGoods assigned

  • SoftGood download links are protected from download in the following ways:

    1. Each download is assigned a unique hashcode with a miva merchant based download url (eg: merchant.mvc?Screen=DNLD&ID=hashcode

    2. If the customer is logged in during checkout, the download ID hashcode is tagged to this customer's account. The download link ONLY WORKS IF that customer is logged into their account.

      Further, if you place the StoreMorph code on your customer ACED page (account edit), the customer will see a history of all digital files they have purchased and be able to download them directly from this or any other screen where you assign the Item and place the code.

    3. If the customer is NOT logged in during the checkout, the download url will NOT be tied to a customer account. However, if the customer later logs into an account and then uses the download link, the download hash url will then become assigned to this user's account.

    4. Download links that are assigned to a user account are ONLY accessible to that customer, and ONLY when they are logged into the store. If a customer attempts to use a download link while not logged in, they will be redirected to the store LOGIN screen, after which they can view all available downloads via their ACCOUNT screen.

      Expiration of links is supported - by both a pre-set number of allowed downloads or number of days to download. Downloads expire if either set limit is met (for example, first of 5 downloads or 5 days).

  • Optionally adds the Download Link URL to the basket for additional display on the invoice page and possibly in some email fulfillment modules.

  • 100% PURE MIVA SCRIPT. No hacks required, not additional libraries to install, no 3rd language (eg: php) connector components required!

  • NOTE: This module requires Miva Merchant 5.5 with all latest updates applied.

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