Drop Shipper eMail Notification

Drop Shipper eMail Notification
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Simplify your order processing by sending a drop ship notification email to your drop ship suppliers. This module lets you set up suppliers in your Miva Merchant 5 store, and assign products to these suppliers. When you sell their products, they'll receive an instant email notification with your order number, the customer's shipping information, and what products they ordered!

  • Sends email notifications of products ordered from your website directly to your Drop Ship partner(s).
  • Create an unlimited number of Drop Ship vendors, assign any number of products to your drop ship vendors.
  • Upon checkout, if an order contains a vendor's drop ship product, they will receive an email notifying them of the drop ship order.
  • Contents of the email include:
    1. Shipping Contact information for your customer
    2. A list of all products, quantities and product attributes that are to be fulfilled by this Drop Shipper.
    3. The Shipping method chosen by the customer.
  • Configurable Parameters of the email:
    1. The FROM email address that initiates the email to your drop ship vendor
    2. Title, no tokens supported but order # is included in subject automatically
    3. A common header that is included to your drop shipper above the order content
    4. The prices can optionally be excluded from the drop ship email

*NOTE: Using this email module, Drop Ship vendors ONLY receive the items in the order that they are responsible for shipping. Any other products in the same order that you ship directly or are shipped via a different vendor are NOT sent to each drop ship partner you use.

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