Category Discounts v5

Category Discounts v5
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Current Version: 6.000
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This simple module provides you the ability to offer a discount on one or more categories of products in your
store. The discount percent can be set by category, and any product that is in the named category will be
discounted for all shoppers.

Discounts are reflected throughout the store, including search results so the
shopper need not be browsing the category in order to receive the discount. Any number of categories in your
store can have a different discount. Storemorph entities are provided for retail price so strike-through pricing
may be configured.

  • Set a store-wide discount for all products that exist in a category
  • Configure multiple category discounts
  • Simple StoreMorph entities provided for Strike-through pricing
  • Discount Mode: Highest Price or Lowest Price. If a customer has access to both Price Group Pricing AND
    there is a category discount, then this setting determines which price they will see and get - either the
    higher or lower of the two prices. Note that if a product exists in TWO categories, both with discounts,
    the Category based discount price will ALWAYS be the lower of the two.
  • Discount Price From: Calculate percent off price from either Retail (price in the product) OR from an
    already calculated price group discount. If you give 10% off and select 'Discount Off Price Group Price',
    you're giving "double-dip" discounts! Usually you don't want to do this.
  • To configure a discount by category, click the Add button, select a category, set the percent off
    discount, check the “Active” box, and click Update. To temporarily suspend or disable a category
    discount, click “Edit Here” and un-check the “Active” box.


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