Saved Baskets with Automatic eMail

Saved Baskets with Automatic eMail
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Current Version: 6.000
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The Saved Baskets module lets your customers save the contents of their basket for later purchase - or even to repurchase all of the same items over and over again.

Customers can save an unlimited number of baskets, and when they log back into the store, with a click of a button add all of the items they saved back into their basket.

  • Saves all items currently in the basket
  • Unlimited saved baskets per customer
  • Implements a "one-click" re-order capability for the store
  • One-click to add all of the saved items back into their cart
  • Special Feature: Sends an email to the customer with the contents of their basket
  • Special Feature: ALSO sends a copy of the basket to the store owner for follow up!

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Video Demonstration of Saved Baskets with Automatic eMail

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